development and realisation of a travelling programm for cell phones commissioned by 'federal united'

The exclusive voyage-box is delivered to places of touristic interest. All owners call their phones at an predecided point of time. The phones are silently answered. The owners listen together to the ambience.

The concept is based on the fact that more and more people source out parts of their identity into portable devices such as cell phones, ipods and palmtops (watch Alan Burdick talking about this on
The federal united cell phone programm also calls attention to telephone surveillance and motion tracking. From the surveillance point of view the cellulars appear as a travelling group of people.

 listening to 'documenta12', Kassel   20.6.2007 16:00 
 listening to river 'Rhine' in Basel   16.6.2007 19:30 
 listening to Las Ramblas, Barcelona   16.6.2007 09:45 
 listening to a pub in Dublin   3.6.2007 19:40 
 listening to Lido di Venezia   26.5.2007 18:20 
 listening to Heldenplatz, Wien   22.5.2007 20:15