WHEN YOU NEVER WERE was invented and shot by Tristan Honsinger, Diego Cofone and Gregor Kuschmirz in the hills of Modena, Italy, during five calm days in august 2007.

preface: the shortfilm tells the stories of Eye Winbet and Louis Pinchbottom. Winbet is a travelling salesman, who collects money for hope at the beginning and makes millions with artificial mustaches in the end. Pinchbottom is a desperate office employee. He is longing for a change and meets a surprising fate.

when you never were deals in a sportive way with its topics, such as 'the freewill', 'free market economy' and 'the power of dreams' and shows a light attitude towards grave philosophy.

© Kuschmirz Honsinger Cofone 2007

 when you never were   poster, 09 2007